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Greek Corpus 20

The project Diachronic Corpus of Greek Texts of the 20th century, funded in the frame of the action ARISTEIA (Excellence) by the European Cohesion Fund and the Greek government (General Secretariat for Research and Technology), involves the compilation and analysis of a corpus of Greek of the 20th century (Greek Corpus 20). Greek, unlike other languages, has nοt extensively benefited so far by the huge advances in the wider research field of linguistic corpus development and exploitation. The project is intended to fill this gap by developing a 20 million word corpus of Greek for the first nine decades of the 20th century, which will be integrated with the existing 30 million word Corpus of Greek Texts (CGT) that includes texts from 1990 to 2010.



Stamatia Koutsoulelou-Michou (University of Athens)

Marianna Smaragdi (Lund University)