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Workshop on the compilation and analysis of diachronic corpora



- Susan M. Fitzmaurice (University of Sheffield): Questions of representativeness and the challenge of diachronic corpus building

- Terttu Nevalainen (VARIENG, University of Helsinki): Representativeness and comparability of historical corpora: The Helsinki experience

 - Sean Wallis (Survey of English Usage, University College London): The "London Corpora" projects: Lessons for diachronic corpus design

- Mark Davies (Brigham Young University): Looking at a wide range of linguistic changes with the 400 million word Corpus of Historical American English (1810-2009)

- Dionysis Goutsos (University of Athens): The Diachronic Corpus of Greek of the 20th century (Greek Corpus 20): Issues of design and compilation

Electronic proceedings

The workshop talks are available at the webpage of the Bodossaki Foundation (Bodossaki Lectures on Demand).